Methods and Modalities I Use


My method is eclectic, integrative, holistic and creative. Based on a foundation of empathic listening, it can include elements of insight oriented, problem-solving, mindfulness, emotionally focused, cognitive behavioural, narrative, expressive arts, metaphoric and psychodramatic strategies. I will often start with a coaching, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioural approach and then branch out as needed.

When dealing with deeper issues, or when the focus is self discovery, a more experiential approach is often most effective. Because I am trained in a range of modalities, I am able to stay flexible and responsive to your needs, adjusting accordingly.

A Systems Approach

I use a systems lens to make meaning of what you present to me. That means I view you within the context of your total environment – familial, cultural, social, economic, and political – past and present. Because we do not live in a vacuum, it is important for me to understand how your lived experience impacts how you view and approach things. Often people think there is something “wrong” with them when in fact it is a very normal reaction to abnormal circumstances. So, understanding your context can be a powerful first step to taking on new perspectives, changing limiting beliefs, and transforming ineffective patterns of reaction.

By taking a whole systems approach we are able to puzzle together all the pieces that are contributing to your predicament allowing for a more thorough and effective resolution.

We look at all the contributing factors: your stress load, recent changes in your life, your thought patterns and beliefs, point of view and perspective, your background.

How We Make Meaning

We live our lives within the context of a variety of systems. I am always attuned to how this informs our perceptions and how any problem resolution must be framed with this awareness. Often the distress we experience is a result of how we interpret or make meaning of a particular situation. Learning to reframe is a critical step in empowering ourselves.

How we make meaning is a function of our past experiences, the rules we grew up with, and our cultural context.