Safe And Effective Use Of Self

Safe and Effective Use of Self training in Toronto

This experiential training program on the Safe and Effective Use of Self is based on the teachings of Virginia Satir, co-editor of “The Use of Self in Therapy” (first edition). Satir, one of the most influential therapists to date, was renowned for her skill in this area. Her integrated model encompasses the best of current practice (e.g., mindfulness, sensory-motor, CBT, DBT, narrative, EFT, IFS). I was fortunate to have trained intensively with Satir.

The program is for:
  • Therapists who plan to register with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and need to fulfill the requirement of 30 hours of training/experience in the safe and effective use of self (SEUS) as a therapist.
  • Any helping professional seeking to gain a deeper self and interpersonal awareness.
  • Anyone interested in an introduction to the Satir Model and the metaphoric methods of this pioneering master systems therapist.
Program Outline:

Heightened self and interpersonal awareness is core to the safe and effective use of self.
Our process will be interactive, deeply mindful, and fun!

Through structured experiential exercises, discussion and self reflection, we will explore:

  • subjective context – beliefs, family history, cultural lenses, personal rules
  • congruent verbal and non-verbal communication
  • ingredients of an interaction – unpacking the automatic
  • coping under stress, and self care
  • projections, preconceptions, prejudices, triggers
  • power dynamics, self disclosure and boundaries
  • making contact, use of self, personal style, parts of self
Duration30 hours, (4 full days 10 am-6 pm)
Upcoming Dates

Fall 2018 – October 27 & 28, December 1 & 2
Future dates TBA– get in touch now to be placed on a priority waiting list!

LocationCentral Toronto
Fees: (inquire for payment details)

Early Bird – pay by Sept. 14, 2018 – $725+HST
Regular fee – pay after Sept. 14, 2018 – $775+HST

Space is limited – This program typically sells out – Register early to guarantee your spot!
To register contact me by email or by phone 416-588-9826

 Feedback from Past Participants

“If you work in human services as a counsellor, doctor, nurse, PSW, police officer… anything … you should really take this workshop. Sandra Finkelman is an amazing facilitator and you will learn so much about yourself and how to work with people more effectively, you won’t regret it. Some words to describe the program from our group: rewarding, empowering, transformative, energizing, safe, informative… worth every penny. I will be a better therapist for having taken this workshop.”

“I’ve attended a lot of trainings and workshops over the years and I can honestly say that yours was the most useful and engaging.  I took so much away from the 4 days and have been implementing my new knowledge in my practice, with great results.” 

“Thank you Sandra. I’m  making lots of use of the material from the workshop both personally and professionally. As a result I’ve had more clients experience aha moments in sessions in the last month than in the previous five years. Amazing. I was not expecting it to have such a profound impact on me. Generally I am more mindful overall, feeling awakened!  Very grateful for our time together.”

“Wonderful rich experience. Nurturing intellectually and emotionally.”

“A lot of material to integrate into my personal life, my perspective as a therapist, and to use as exercises with clients.”

“This is the most enjoyable workshop I’ve attended to date! I was able to develop much greater self-awareness, growth and insight. Sandra you are a wonderful facilitator! You provided a rich environment for self-reflection as well as fostering a sense of community within our group so that we were able to learn from each other’s experiences as well. I found this training to be very enriching.”

“Exceeded my expectations. Each day was enriching as I walked away with new insights that will help me be more confident and effective in my practice and in my personal life.”

“Tough subject area requiring a savvy facilitator to manage all points of connections – well done!!!” 

“Thank you for a fabulous learning opportunity. I am thrilled with the specific content and learnings I came to about myself and my particular context and how understanding that empowers me to grow as a therapist. It feels like a gift!”

“Your style has been kind, open and engaging and you created a spirit of openness, safety and playful curiosity from day one. Many thanks!”


“Sandra is an excellent facilitator – well organized, inviting, warm, insightful.”

“We all started simply motivated to obtain the 30 hours but ended up loving the experience. It was amazing.”

“I am starting to pay more attention to my inner self and learning to accept who I am (including my weakness and limitations) after the training. I found this very important to me because that is something I neglected all along. I would definitely recommend your training to my friends and colleagues! To me it is more like a retreat than a training. Thank you Sandra!”

“Sandra’s facilitation style was respectful, kind, energetic. Sandra, from day one onward created, maintained and sustained a safe, open and respectful/compassionate group atmosphere. Mindfulness and centering/grounding exercises were used well.”

“I became more aware of what I bring to the table as a therapist and challenged to continue growing and learning.”

“Sandra uses experiential activities in a way that challenges participants yet allows them to feel safe and comfortable.”

“The exercises were new ways for me to see myself, my approach, my perspective. I learned a lot.”

“Thoughtful and thought provoking. I left enriched, encouraged and empowered.”

“A really excellent workshop that promoted a lot of self reflection.”

“Great workshop – love it”.

“The experiential exercises deepened the learning and opened a door of growth.”