How I approach my work:

I believe feeling authentically seen, heard, and validated is the core starting point for any effective work. My goal is to create a safe, caring, non-judgemental space for you to have this experience. I bring a warm heart, sharp mind, and playful spirit to our work together. My style is informal, yet direct, proactive and results oriented.

I connect easily with people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Most people find they are able to open up to me in ways that surprise them. My frame of reference is systems oriented. So, a focus on context and how we make meaning of our experience are key for me. Understanding your context can be a powerful first step to taking on new perspectives, changing limiting beliefs, and transforming ineffective patterns of reaction.

I see therapy as a collaborative process of empowerment, my role as guide and facilitator, and each client as unique. I love what I do. I love listening to people’s stories, engaging with them in deep conversation, helping them see things in new ways, and giving them tools and strategies to make the changes they desire. I feel privileged that so many people have entrusted me over the years.